Canadian Greenhouse Testimonials

Here is what our customers are saying about our Global Tradewinds Ltd. Canadian Greenhouses.

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Raymond, I'm quite happy with the 2 - 10' x10' greenhouses I purchased from you and installed in March 2014. - Build quality is good - Assembly instructions need improvement as we discussed. Highly recommend a series of short videos. - Ventilation system with automatic openers works well - You've been great in taking my calls with questions after the sale was complete. Overall I think your greenhouses have the right price/quality combination. There are cheaper models out there that are junk and there are more expensive models that aren't worth the higher price for the function. Good luck growing your business, Greg

Greg Nuk - Victoria, BC - British Columbia

Hi Raymond. I purchased this greenhouse in late spring 2014. After preparing a base for it, my wife and I set to the task of assembling it. I suggest that you look over the instructions really good. They are straight forward....everything explained by pictures. When I met Raymond to pick the package up, he went over each page of the instructions with me and pointed out a few things to keep in mind. We assembled the different components in one day, and put it all up the next day. It all went very well. I have to say, this greenhouse is extremely well made. Its very strong. Within a week, I had my soil in and some seeds started. I grew fabulous tomato plants over the summer, as well as spinach, lettuce, cucumbers. Those cukes were enormous. Its Feb 2105 as I write this. I've had fresh lettuce and spinach since November when I planted them. It was an experiment to see how they would do. They did! I can't wait to start planting again. This greenhouse is fabulous. My mother-in-law has a Costco greenhouse, and it just doesn't compare. With the automatic windows that work really well to control the temp, and the 2 sliding doors...this unit is perfect. Only wish that I'd have bought one sooner. Thanks Raymond for engineering a great product. Joe Tallieu....Nanaimo BC

Joe Tallieu - Nanaimo, BC

Hi Raymond I've been meaning to write to you and let you know how happy we are with the 10X10 greenhouse we purchased from you last year. We put it together last March and bolted it down to a concrete block foundation. We made raised beds inside. It was exactly as advertised, the windows work perfectly, and I had fabulous tomatoes and cucumbers this year. Everything was in the boxes for the installation. We were fortunate to have some skilled and experienced help for the assembly, and even so it took 3 days! We might have not been able to do it on our own, but having done it once I think we could again. You have to follow the instructions exactly, and they are not that clear. It was helpful to have a cordless drill. The greenhouse was about half the price of comparable ones available here. We think it is great. Brenda Mark

Brenda mark - Vancouver island , BC

We chose the 8' x 12' Global Tradewinds greenhouse after researching most everything currently on the market. Our decision to purchase was made on the quality of material and competitive pricing. It was a joy to find that the actual greenhouse meets or exceeds all expectations. Construction was straightforward due to clear instructions and well labelled parts. And now we are looking forward to a productive year of gardening in our fine new greenhouse!

Wendy & David - Pender Island, BC